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The struggles of managing internet traffic

The internet carries a lot of unwanted traffic today. At its most fundamental, unwanted traffic is made up of packets that consume network and computing resources that do not benefit the resource owners.


Ultimately, unmanaged and unwanted traffic lead bandwidth cost and undesirable experiences.

High Investment

Cost of investment in traffic engineering, network security tools & bandwidth are high.

Vendor Dependency

Dependency on single vendor solutions causes bottleneck. There is no one single solution that can address all challenges as technologies continue to evolve rapidly.

Infrastructure Management

Effectiveness in managing various tools, identifying false positives alerts has been always a challenge.

Operational Efficiency

Hiring and retaining the right talent to manage could greatly reduce efficiency.

Process Complexity

Mitigation process has proven to be highly complex and error prone. 

New Revenue Source

Service providers need to continuously create new source of revenue by innovation or value adding services to grow the business.

Challenges in Service Provider


Our Solution

Investment Cost

As technology evolves, so does the security threats. Technology refresh has always been a hefty investment to all Service Providers.

At IPDC, we ensure our technology is top of the line through continuous R&D with our technology partners.

Fully Operated by Our experts

Retaining talents and skillsets has been difficult especially in security sectors.

We provide end-to-end managed security service for DDoS mitigation.

24x7x365 support increases the operational efficiency so that Service Providers can focus on their core business.

On-Premise, Cloud & Hybrid

We believe strongly that regardless of the solutions provided, it has to address the needs and it should be affordable. 

Yes, even with on-premise solutions, there's ZERO CAPEX to start with.

Enablement of new revenue stream
Our goal is to enable Service Providers to create new revenue source by extending these services to downstreams customers. 
Through continuous growth of the security ecosystem, we envision to bring "Security Services Affordable" to the market.

How do we achieve this?

IPDC Network Intelligence (INI)

IPDC Network Intelligence (INI) is the brain of our success, designed to be an affordable and scalable platform that provides Service Providers a holistic approach and deep visibility into their network traffic. 

Security Threats

IPDC Network Intelligence (INI) identifies security threats coming in from internal and external network. Through INI automation and collaborations with various technologies partners, we truly are the first of its kind to provide an End-to-End Managed Security Solutions that can protect all kinds of attacks and threats in the world today.


Operational Troubleshooting 

INI troubleshooting capabilities simplifies root cause analysis process with detailed insights into the traffic spikes, congestions, drops within the shortest period of time. 

Traffic Engineering & Planning

INI provides network insights for resource planning and optimisation through Traffic Engineering and Peering Analysis.

Global Ecosystem

Our success is built on a security ecosystem that encompasses global partnerships with service providers and technology partners.

IPDC  leverages on existing partnerships with regional and global scrubbing capacities owned by various service providers. Through our R&D collaborations with technology partners, we have attained reliable multi-tenancy system and multi-layer defense technology. This successful partnership has allowed us to deliver excellent performance, e.g. splitting local and international routes hence achieving low latency during diversion.

As we continue to grow the security ecosystem, creating a win-win partnership is the key to our success; and hence Making Security Services Affordable.


About Us

IPDC Solutions is one of Asia's leading Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP), serving Tier-1 carrier and partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Cambodia, Brunei, Taiwan and beyond.

We design and develop affordable solutions that enable Telcos, ISPs, IDCs, and internet providers to secure and protect their infrastructure at affordable cost, while making it possible for them to generate new revenue streams for their businesses.

We build on many years of expertise to enable our partners by providing greater insights into their networks, thereby ensuring smooth and secure network operations.

We aspire to Make Security Services Affordable, and we strive to be the Trusted Managed Security Service Provider.

Our Vision: To be the Trusted Managed Security Service Provider; by designing and developing affordable solutions to enable partners to be able to adopt and maximize the benefits jointly.

Our Mission: To develop cutting edge in-house technologies or with partner, design & solve complex solutions through core technologies, with our passion for excellencies to deliver the best experience and benefits to our partners.

Our Motto: Designed & Built for ISP; by ISP.

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