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Integrated SaSe Select

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Built In-Country SASE Select

Every SASE Select solution is different. Each solution is created individually to solve specific network security and business requirements that an enterprise or an ISP (or their customers) may have. SASE Select provides the latest technologies, innovations and integrations to deliver what customers need, where standard solutions alone cannot.


A firewall solution delivered as a cloud-based service that allows companies to simplify IT infrastructure and supply Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) capabilities:

  • Web filtering

  • Advanced threat protection (ATP)

  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)

  • Domain Name System (DNS) security.


As technologies continue to change rapidly and businesses demand custom solutions, ISPs often don’t have the necessary products and skill sets to be able to offer suitable solutions in short time frames. SASE SELECT for ISP provides service providers with solutions designed to specific requirements, delivered in easy to sell, implement and maintain packages, keeping you and your customers connected, protected and up to date.


Provides full visibility and control over users, both managed and unmanaged applications, and all devices that have access to your corporate network and services:

  • Eliminate implied trust privileges

  • Support 3rd party and BYOD access

  • Secure access to cloud applications


Our VENA and VECTA universal customer premises equipment hardware ranges support most of our SD-WAN software vendors and have NFV capability to also run third party security software on the same device as SD-WAN. A single device for SD-WAN and security. We configure, install, manage and support the devices in 190 countries, with 4 hour or NBD RMA.


An on-premise or cloud hosted security service that filters unwanted software or malware from user-initiated Internet traffic and enforces corporate and regulatory policy compliance:

  • URL and content filtering

  • Threat detection and threat prevention

  • Data loss prevention

  • SIEM, SOAR and EDR integration

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